Saturday, October 1, 2022

Leader dubs partisan view of education system as ‘lethal poison’

Leader of the Islamic Republic has said partisan view of the educational system is a deadly poison for the system.

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei addressed a meeting of teachers in the occasion of Teachers’ Day; a day designated by the establishment for veneration of teachers and coincides with the day of martyrdom of Morteza Motahari, widely supposed to be the one of the spiritual fathers of the Revolutionary mentality in Iran.

The Leader said that the more the veneration and tribute paid to teachers, the more their prestige in the society. He addressed specifically the officials of educational system that they should recruit teachers with commitment to the Revolutionary ideas and religious faith.

The Leader believed that the meeting aimed at a singular objective of veneration of teachers, and that “honoring of teachers should be public across the society.”

“Education deals with millions of students and the young generation directly and indirectly, and the priority should be with the recruitment of forces loyal to the Revolutionary ideals of the system and commitment to religious tenets of the Islamic system,” he emphasized.

The Leader also called the authorities to “take serious the Fundamental Change Document,” which he maintained, once was undreamed-of, “beyond the official statements.”

“Recruit managers whose major concerns are education and rearing; fostering partisan views inside the educational system is a lethal poison to the system,” he demanded the authorities.

The Leader also called for “inculcating the thinking” in society, and that “the child should be received due training on how to think rationally,” believing that “superficial learning can cripple society.”

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