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Lakh Lakh; Popular Rice Dish from Persian Gulf

Lakh Lakh is one of the local foods of Bushehr Province in southern Iran. The meal is made in two ways, one with dried lemons and the other with Tamarind.

Ingredient to serve four:

  • 200 gr of fish (it is better to use narrow-barred Spanish mackerel, seer fish, orange-spotted grouper, or white grunts) for every person
  • 500 gr of vegetables including dill, coriander and a small amount of fenugreek
  • A head of garlic
  • A medium-sized onion
  • Four cups of rice
  • 100 gr of black Tamarind
  • Oil, turmeric, salt and pepper as much as needed



First, chop the onion and sauté in a relatively large pot. Then add garlic and continue to sauté while adding pepper and turmeric. Now it is time to add the vegetables that you have washed and chopped earlier. Fry the vegetables with other materials well.

Put the Tamarind in about 6 cups of warm water, sift it, and then add the sauce to the vegetables and leave it to boil.

Now add the already disemboweled and salted fish to the boiling mixture and let them cook well. Then bring out the cooked fish from the dish and leave it aside.

Add the rice to Tamarind sauce and vegetables, and wait until the water is vapoured.

Lower the heat and place the fish on the top of rice and wait for the rice to be steamed.

Note: The name of the dish is derived from the Arabic word “Lakhlakheh” which means fragrance. The food is originally from the coast of Persian Gulf, and is mostly popular on land of Iran.

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