Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Isofam Firm Takes Major Steps towards Export-Oriented Production

The Isofam Wood Company recently embarked four export-oriented production projects. Mehdi Yavari, the project manager and consultant in Isofam, has elaborated on these projects in an interview with IFP.

He began by introducing his company: Isofam was established in 1983 in Tehran with the aim of taking part in Iran’s development, as well as becoming a top firm in the field of construction. During the past decades, Isofam has established itself as a successful industrial construction complex, particularly in the wood industry. With an impressive presence in the industrial construction market, the company has taken major steps in line with Iran’s economic, industrial and construction programmes.

“Relying on a long history and considerable experience in the production of wood products such as MDF and melamine chipboard, Isofam carried out three projects of melamine resin paper impregnation, particle board compression and wood industry printing goods production in Shams Abad industrial zone. Isofam has been praised by the Iranian Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade as a top industrial company of the country,” he noted.

Asked about the company’s development plans in the current year, Yavari says, “Adopting a developmental outlook, Isofam has managed to accustom itself to recent global trends in business and technology. It has successfully implemented four design schemes by producing high-quality HDF laminate parquets, socket papers with natural, deep texture on MDF packs, PVC edging tapes, and high quality high gloss sheets.”

“Isofam’s goals are aligned with Iran’s economy of resistance which requires coping with the domestic market’s demands in order to cut the imports and prevent the outflow of currency. The company instead brings money in Iran by exporting its products to neighbouring countries; a great achievement not only for Isofam, but for Iran’s wood industry,” he added,

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