Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Gavkhouni Saltmarsh

Gavkhouni is a wetland and saltmarsh located in the Iranian Plateau in central Iran. The majority of the wetland is located within the central province of Isfahan.

Gavkhouni is the terminal basin of the Zayandeh River. The saltmarsh of the international wetland is among the main tourist attractions of the region. It is economically an important feature of the region.

Driving from the village of Khara in southern area of the wetland, you pass through a desert with quicksand and enter a wide area of saltmarshes and salty crystals.

The Gavkhouni saltmarsh has a salinity of 31.5% and an average depth of about 1 metre. The saltmarsh often dry up in summer. The Zayandeh River originates in the Zagros Mountains and travels around 300 km, before terminating in Gavkhouni.

What follows are ISNA’s photos of the wetland and its saltmarsh:

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