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Iranian Traditional Syrup Improves Mental Ability

A researcher of Iranian traditional medicine says there is some form of drink called Poleigamander that can lower blood sugar and increase concentration and mental ability.

This drink also reduces blood lipids and causes weight loss.

Young Journalists’ Club has conducted an interview with Iranian scientist Heidar Ozmaie to discusses the benefits of the drink.

He said the most important benefit of Poleigamander drink is its effect on reducing blood sugar, so it is very helpful for people with diabetes.

It has antioxidant properties due to its vitamins A, E, C and flavonoids, which boost the immune system and protect the body against all kinds of diseases, especially cancer. Due to the presence of vitamin D, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium in this plant, its drink strengthens bones and teeth and prevents osteoporosis.

Poleigamander improves the nervous system’s performance, thereby enhancing memory and preventing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

The use of this drink has a dramatic effect on gastrointestinal tract and stomach alleviation, and can heal heartburn and gastritis.

It also eliminates the infections of women, the kidneys and urethra and prevents premenstrual syndrome, so it is very beneficial for women who have hot flashes during menopause.

Preventing arthritis and gout, eliminating cardiovascular inflammations, strengthening the visual system, and increasing the longevity are among the other benefits of the drink. Poleigamander can relieve stress, anxiety, depression and muscle tension.

Other benefits of this traditional Iranian drink include curing colds, respiratory problems and herpes. It is forbidden for pregnant or breastfeeding women, and people with epilepsy should use this drink in consultation with their ed-inform.net.

Iranian Traditional Syrup Improves Mental AbilityIngredients to make 2 litres of this drink:


½ kg honey

½ litre distilled Urtica

½ litre distilled Poleigamander

½ litre distilled Yallow

100 gr of dried Germanders



Mix distilled Urtica, Poleigamander and Yallow and add dried Germanders. Leave it for three to four hours. Then boil it for 10 minutes on medium heat. Once the temperature reached 50 ° C, sift the mixture and add honey. Stir till it gets strong and then pour it into glass containers.

Iranian Traditional Syrup Improves Mental Ability

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