Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Iranian Official Urges People to Avoid Taking COVID-19 Lightly

A senior Iranian official says the primary danger posed by the coronavirus outbreak is that people take the situation as normal.

Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirchi saidthe second peril is youth and children with no or few symptoms who can transfer the disease.
He added Iran has witnessed a declining trend both in the number of hospitalized patients and in fatalities.
“This falling trend in infections came by God’s grace and on the back of people’s cooperation and wholehearted efforts by personnel at all hospitals and laboratories, and all this has happened at a time when we are under unfair sanctions,” he added.
He predicted that the decline in the death toll and infections will continue for over a month.
However, he urged people to keep taking the necessary precautions until an effective vaccine is developed for the virus. He said there is long way to go to produce a vaccine for COVID-19.
He also drew a comparison between the number of infections in Iran and that in the UK, and said, “33 percent of those infected die in Britain while the same figure stands at 6.6 in Iran.”

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