Iran Struggling with Virus of Sanctions amid COVID-19 Outbreak: Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has assured people that his administration is doing its utmost to alleviate hardship among the social groups while the country is grappling with two viruses at the same time, the coronavirus and the sanctions.

In comments at a meeting on Thursday, held to inaugurate four water and electricity projects in the province of Tehran, President Rouhani said Iran is faced with two viruses in the current year, namely the COVID-19 infection and the foreign sanctions.

“We will do our best to reduce the difficulties for people, so that our people could earn a livelihood in a relatively proper manner although it is a tough year. Nonetheless this year is a tough year for the entire world, and it is more difficult for us,” he noted.

The president then gave an assurance that all members of the administration and all companies and institutions from the state-run and the private sectors have been working uninterruptedly and will continue their activities in compliance with the health protocols amid the outbreak of coronavirus.

President Rouhani finally expressed hope that people would work in cooperation, coordination and solidarity to contribute to the domestic production and development as the country is fighting against the coronavirus and observing the health issues.

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