Monday, January 30, 2023

Iran Says Ready to Share Its COVID-19 Diagnosis System with All Countries

Iran has expressed its preparedness to send its homegrown smart coronavirus diagnosis system to all countries in the world, especially the Muslim ones, to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the best ways to diagnose the coronavirus with high accuracy is to take CT scans of the chest, says an Iranian academic official.

“There are different ways to diagnose COVID-19, but one of the most definitive methods is to examine CT scans of the chest,” said Hamid-Reza Rabiei, the head of the ICT Department of Mustafa Prize.

The expert noted that numerous activities have been conducted so far to utilize artificial intelligence to help diagnose the disease.

“China and Stanford University in the United States are among those that have drawn on this method to treat the disease.”

In Iran, too, experts have concentrated on the applications of artificial intelligence in CT scan imaging and developed an innovative system to rapidly and accurately diagnose COVID-19. The diagnosis system is also capable of estimating the volume of the infected spot, he noted.

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“Chinese and American systems work with an accuracy of more than 90%. But the diagnosis system developed in Iran has a sensitivity of over 97%,” he added.

The academic noted the system will be offered, free of charge, to doctors and medical centres around the world to help them diagnose the disease.

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