Saturday, December 10, 2022

Iran Outlines Its Measures to Contain Coronavirus

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran has given a description of the precautionary measures the Foreign Ministry has taken in response to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in the world.

Asked by reporters about the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s measures and plans in the fight against the new coronavirus, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi emphasized on Tuesday that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been fully prepared for cooperation and interaction with the relevant organizations since the onset of the outbreak of the crisis.

“In this regard, Dr. Zarif has in the cabinet session proposed the idea of holding a meeting of the ministers concerned with the issue, with the participation of the foreign minister, minister of health and medical education, minister of tourism, and the minister of road,” Mousavi added.

The spokesman also highlighted the close cooperation and interaction between the diplomatic bodies and the health authorities across the country, above all with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, noting, “Moreover, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s missions in China have been given the necessary instructions on the preventive measures, and the travel advisories have been also issued for the tourists and the Iranian nationals residing in China, and after the formation of a crisis headquarters at the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Embassy in Beijing as well as at our country’s Consulate General in Shanghai, the contact numbers have been publicized for providing services and guidance for the Iranian nationals.”

No Coronavirus Case in Iran
No Coronavirus Case in Iran

Mousavi also noted that Iran’s Embassy in Beijing has established contact with the Iranian university students residing in the Chinese city of Wuhan, and has dispatched packages of foodstuff to their dormitories considering a shortage of food in the city of ten million population.

The Foreign Ministry spokesperson finally noted that the request from the families of a number of the Iranian students in Beijing for the facilitation of return of their children to Iran and their release from quarantine are being considered.

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