Friday, January 27, 2023

Iran makes anti-Alzheimerˈs drug from saffron, for 1st time in world

ˈSafrotinˈ, a medicine produced from saffron, can decrease the signs of the Alzheimerˈs disease noticeably.

Researchers at Tehran University of Medical Sciences in cooperation with a science-based company made an anti-Alzheimer’s medicine from saffron on the back of a ten-year research.

The head of the research program, Jamaleddin Jalali said that the medicine is made of saffron, which is an Iranian herb whose countless medical benefits are mentioned by renowned Iranian scientists, including Avicenna in “the Canon of Medicine”.

Saffron has positive effect on human mood, helps sharpen memory, and improve eye-sight.

He said that the science-based company, Tehran University of Medical Sciences and the hospitals affiliated to that university launched numerous tests before the production of the herbal medicine ˈSafrotinˈ which can decrease the signs of the Alzheimerˈs disease noticeably.

Jalali said that there are only five effective medicines for the Alzheimerˈs disease in the world today and Safrotinˈs effects exactly match those of the best of its foreign equivalent medicines, minus their side-effects.

He referred to two famous anti-Alzheimerˈs medicines in the world, claiming that Safrotin is as effective, and that long-running clinical tests have proved the new medicineˈs efficiency.

He said that some three years ago an article about Safrotin was published in one of the most reputable scientific magazines of the world, which became a basis for the other researchers around the globe.

ˈFifty two documentaries in the field have been presented up to now and the medicine has been registered in EUˈs pharmacopeia, while at the 12th Avicenna Festival, it was praised as the top medical product of the year,ˈ added Jalali.

He said that the new drug for the Alzheimerˈs has also anti-cancer effects.

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