Thursday, November 30, 2023

‘Iran Great Travel Destination for Globetrotters during Pandemic’

A widely circulated Spanish newspaper has recommended making trips to Iran during the time the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

The La Vanguardia daily has proposed destinations for travel whenever the COVID-19 outbreak remains dormant.

In order to draw up this attractive list, the publication has consulted individuals who have had a lifestyle similar to the of Marco Polo or who have travelled to 193 countries and shared their experiences of the trips.

Jorge Sánchez is one of three Spanish globetrotters who has travelled to five continents and 193 countries from which he has selected Iran, Taj Mahal in India, Kamchatka in Russia and Jerusalem in occupied Palestine as extraordinary travel destinations.

Sánchez says Iran is a fantastic country with several thousand years of history and the most lovable and honest people in the world.

Sánchez has been touring the world for 49 years now. Somalia was the last country he visited before the coronavirus pandemic.

La Vanguardia is the fourth widely circulated newspaper in Spain. The daily has drawn on the experiences of the other two tourists who have a lifestyle similar to that of Sánchez, and has introduced other attractive places which have impressed tourists the most as ideal travel destination whenever the coronavirus pandemic allows for making trips.

Most of the countries recommended by these three adventurous individuals are rarely found on the list of attractive tourist spots or common travel destinations.

Tanzania, Mongolia, oases in Tunisia and Algeria and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bolivia, Florence in Italy, Strasbourg in France, Alaska and the South Pole are among other travel destinations recommended.

The coronavirus pandemic has stopped most tourists from going about their adventures, forcing them to remain in one place. Moreover, most countries have not yet adopted firm decisions to reopen their borders to international tourists or have enforced strict regulations when it comes to admitting foreign visitors.

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