Monday, December 5, 2022

Iran Elections: Voting Finishes as Counting Begins

Iran's election authorities have extended voting for two more hours as people queue up to cast their votes in the country’s parliamentary election on Friday.

The voting finished at 24:00 on Friday after the deadline was extended several times.

The voting had earlier been extended until 20:00, then until 22:00 and finally until 24:00.

Now that the voting has finished, the ballots are being counted.

Iran Elections 2020: Voters Start Casting Ballots

More than 7,000 candidates are competing to enter the parliament. A winning candidate must have at least 20 percent of the votes cast in their constituency in order to become lawmaker for a four-year term.
A total of 57,918,000 people are eligible to cast their ballots. There would be one lawmaker at Majlis per each 190,000-strong segment of the Iranian population.

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