Iran army monitors ‘radar-evading’ American F-35s

Iran’s army radar systems have recently detected and monitored several American F-35 fighters over the Persian Gulf, a top Iranian army commander said on Friday.

Deputy Commander of Operations of the Iranian Army Air Defense Force, Brigadier General Reza Khajeh, told Iran’s Fars New Agency that in the past few days, several American F-35 stealth fighter jets were flying over the Persian Gulf and were completely monitored by Iranian radars from the moment they took off.

The Iranian commander noted, “All the radars located in the south of the country were monitoring the planes every moment.” 

Genersl Khajeh also stressed, “All flights by foreign forces in the Persian Gulf region, the Strait of Hormuz and the Sea of Oman are definitely monitored and observed by our radars, especially the radars located on the southern edge of the country, and if necessary they are given warnings.” 

He assured that the Iranian radar systems have never failed to monitor reported flights in the region. 

The comnents follow the recent US military build-up in the Persian Gulf to counter what Washington calls Iran’s threats against oil tankers in the region.

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