Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Iran Announces Measures to Tackle Coronavirus

Iran’s Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei has outlined preventive measures to contain the possible spread of the coronavirus.

Rabiei said on Saturday the issue was discussed at a Friday meeting where the Iranian Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Training was picked as the authority to take care of the issue and disseminate relevant information.

He said the ministry has set up laboratories and positioned experts at all Iranian border entry points where there is a possibility of the virus getting in or out.

“The country’s air, land and sea borders will be controlled,” the spokesman added.

He further thanked the Chinese government for making every effort to contain the killer virus.

He added Iran will offer as much help it can to China to cope with the outbreak.

“This is a disease which spreads fast, and its human infection rate as well as the intensity of its occurrence is very high,” said Rabiei.

Also present at the meeting was Iranian Health Minister Saeed Namaki said no cases of coronavirus infection has been observed in Iran so far.

“All Chinese nationals working in different industries in Iran as well as individuals with Chinese nationality who have travelled to Iran as tourists have been identified and examined. Fortunately, there are no worries regarding the individuals’ possible infection with the coronavirus,” said the health minister.

Also at the meeting, it was decided to make arrangements to bring home Iranian students studying in China’s Wuhan city and to suspend direct flights between Iran and China.

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