Monday, February 6, 2023

Iran Among Asia’s Top 5 Biotechnology Powers

Iran has been ranked among the top five Asian countries developing biotechnology products.

A report by Fars News Agency has studied the Islamic Republic of Iran’s standing in the region and the world in terms of progress in the biotechnology, an area of biology that involves living systems and organisms to develop products.

According to the report, Iran has been ranked among Asia’s top five producers of biotechnology products, and has taken the eighth place in the world ranking of biopharmaceutical manufacturers.

Iran has also made a long-term investment in bio-economy, the economic activities involving the use of biotechnology in producing commodities, the report added, saying Iran is expected to sell $31 billion in biotechnology products by 2025.

It has also highlighted Iran’s progress in the scientific and academic research on biotechnology subjects, saying the articles from Iranian researchers have been published in world-class journals.

In the contemporary era, biotechnology has many practical applications in pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, food production, medicine, animal husbandry, bioengineering, biocatalysis, biomass, and bioenergy.

Known as a clean and environment friendly approach, biotechnology continues to play a more important role in the economic growth of the nations.

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