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How to Use VPN on Kodi and FireStick

Kodi is the 21st holy grail of entertainment which is an open source, now linked to highly coveted Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and more.

Very few people use and know the importance of a VPN (Virtual Private Network), yet they are heavy users of the internet. Should you be worried? Yes, as you never know who would be spying on you and how negatively they might use your data. Today people are not watching limited TV programs through cable TV but unlimited live streaming using Kodi.

There is a possibility to live stream using Kodi software alone, however, not all programs are available as some has copyright restrictions. Therefore, VPN comes into play to aid users through bypassing those geo-restricted programs with ease. Kodi is the 21st holy grail of entertainment which is an open source, now linked to highly coveted Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and more.

How to Use VPN on Kodi

Users of Kodi have every reason to be happy for getting a tool that allows them to live stream movies, sports, games and a lot more of favorite programs without hindrance. What is Kodi? It is open source software, which is free and used as a centralized media center, virtually accessible on any device. Use of VPN on Kodi has made it easier for fun lovers to enjoy anything they desire in the world of entertainment.

It is advisable to do extensive research first before using any VPN although all can work with Kodi. Make sure you verify they are tested before loading on your devices and only the best VPN Kodi that has a good reputation in the market you are to use.

Importance of Using VPN on Kodi

Streaming programs on Kodi is fun however; there is a downside if you are not using a VPN. We are living in a time when cybercrime has drastically increased. When you use VPN to stream on Kodi, bad elements like e-criminals are kept at bay as it helps you to seal your activities becoming synonymous. Further, it encrypts your data preventing internet spies off your data; therefore, it is hard for anyone to learn of your doings. For those who love using public Wi-Fi is the ones most prone to hackers, but with a VPN, it shields your browsing activity from prying eyes as discussed by VPNRanks.

Using an open source like Kodi can be an entry point for hackers spying on user’s private information, but armed with VPN nothing should worry you when live streaming.

How to Install VPN on Kodi

Most ISP (Internet Service Providers) is blocking Kodi add-ons and to throttle download speeds for some Kodi add-ons. So, once you install a VPN service, it will assist you with buffering. Below are steps you can use to install VPN on Kodi.

There are a number of them you can use that have been tested successfully. The installation process is similar; though only in some instances do they vary.

  • Register for an account with a VPN service that you see best
  • Put your username and password
  • Now is the time to determine Kodi gadget to install the VPN
  • Put it on and choose your location, Voilla!

How to Use VPN on Firestick

The process of using VPN on firestick is not that much different with how you use it on Kodi. What is Firestick? It is a small device (size of a flash drive) that you plug into TV’s HDMI port. Users are able to stream content such as:

  • YouTube
  • Hulu
  • Pandora
  • Netflix
  • HBO

Firestick competitors are Roku and Google Chromecast. Firestick can be used on any TV, therefore, allowing users to enjoy a variety of programs. However, for Firestick most programs are aired in the US & UK. For others to access programs using Firestick only when using a VPN.

Installation Process of VPN on Firestick

This is a simple process to install a VPN on your Firestick to enjoy streaming favorite programs in a secure connection.

  1. When your Fire TV is on
  2. Hover at the top of your TV screen and select “Apps”
  3. Then go under “categories” choose “utilities” option
  4. After following that procedure, you’ll see VPN apps appear. Since at this stage, you have identified the right VPN app to download, just select and download.
  5. Install after the download is complete
  6. After you are done with the installation, follow step by step the onscreen instructions, log in using your username & your password
  7. Choose the location of your choice that you want to connect, then wait for it to establish your area of choice.
  8. When all is done, go back by pressing the home button, and enjoy your programs.

Sometimes, your VPN of choice may not have app options for you, what you do is just check for another VPN which has features similar to your favorite one and use it.


With VPN installed on your device, the world is at your fingertip to control it as you like. As long as what you are doing with it is legal, no need to worry about your safety, VPN takes care of that. Though be cautious to use a VPN that show good reviews online, not a free one, and it has been tested.

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