Hacking group says not to sell data of Iran food ordering platform

A hacking group which recently did an attack on SnappFood has claimed that it will not sell the data of the leading Iranian online food ordering company following negotiations between the two sides.

In a statement, the hacking group said SnappFood’s management proved during the talks that they put people’s personal information and the reputation of their company above anything else. The statement also spoke about the “Sold Out” tag it wrote on the hacked website of SnappFood after attacking it online.

It said the tag was posted there because “we did not know for sure where our talks were headed for”.

The hacking group also said it deleted the “Sold Out” phrase after they were given assurances by SnappFood.

It was previously announced that the information the hacking group stole from SnappFood had been sold to an anonymous person on dark web.

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