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Get Microsoft MCSD 70-483 Certification to Become Top Application Developer

Microsoft, as one of the most reputable IT companies, is here to give you the opportunity to find your place in IT, build or boost your career and enjoy the benefits that Microsoft certifications offer you.

The world is becoming dependent on technology more than ever. This means that more professionals are required. The competition for the highly qualified professionals is quite high.

Earning your certification not only allows you to demonstrate your proficiency but also boosts your confidence and growth in the IT industry. Microsoft is here to give you this opportunity to find your place in IT, build or boost your career and enjoy the benefits that Microsoft certifications offer you. Microsoft certifications (MTA, MCSA, MCSD, MCSE) are available worldwide, making it easy to access their services. Since these credentials are recognized globally, you can easily get a job in any part of the globe.

One of the most sought-after Microsoft credential is MCSD 70-483 (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer) designed for those candidates whose aim is to make a career of an application developer. For that they need to pass 70-487 certification exam, but before taking this exam, candidates should be the owners of MCSA Web Applications certification software. This implies that they are working as web developers or web administrators and skillful in working with modern web apps.

This article is focused on passing 70-483 exam, the first step of getting MCSA Web Applications credential, that will ease your way of getting Microsoft MCSD 70-483 Practice Tests afterward. In addition, you can follow the whole track of how to achieve the desirable credential. In brief, the whole way looks as following:

First of all, you pass two exams to get MCSA Web Applications certification which leads to obtaining MCSD 70-483 credential. The exams are taken in two steps. You choose between 70-480 and 70-483 exams, where you check your HTML5 skills taking the first one or C# skills sitting for the second one. Then, being a professional developer, you pass 70-486 exam which tests your skills to develop ASP.NET MVC Web Applications. After being the owner of MCSA Web Applications credential you are on the smooth way of taking 70-487 exam to gain MCSD 70-483 App Builder certification.

Now, let’s take a closer look on this path.

70-480 exam deals with Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3. It is designed for developers that have been developing with HTML for at least one year.

If you opt for 70-483 exam you should be a developer with one year experience of programming various platforms using C#.

The second step of getting MCSA Web Applications certification is to pass 70-486 exam. The candidates are professional developers that are experienced enough to develop ASP.NET MVC Web Applications as well as possess skills to work with such technologies as ASP.NET Core and Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.

Having MCSA Web Applications certification you can take your way towards getting MCSD 70-483 App Builder credential. For that you need to pass 70-487 exam that testifies your skills to build modern web or mobile applications as well as services. Completing this exam, you to get a position of an application developer.

This article takes a closer look at how to pass 70-483 exam and be prepared efficiently. Get this valuable information below.


As for one of the most popular Microsoft exams, Exam 70-483: Programming in C# is the one that will enable you to earn your Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD 70-483) certification. It is designed for developers who have minimum one year of C# programming experience used in applications, software and hardware platforms.

To qualify for this exam, you should be able to demonstrate your skills in performing asynchronous programs and threading, understand iterations and decision statements, deal with methods and classes and be able to manage programs flow. Candidates should have a deeper understanding and ability to work with operators, expressions and variables. Also, candidates should have exceptional skills in handling expectations and errors.

This exam can be taken in a classroom through Certiport or Pearson VUE. If you do not wish to take them in a classroom, the exam is available online through Pearson VUE test center. This particular exam (70-483) tests your mastery of skills and knowledge needed in managing program flow, implementing security. A deeper understanding and ability to apply these principles in your daily activities is paramount in order to pass the main 70-483 exam. One has 120 minutes to complete all the questions. 60 multiple-choice questions are the commonly used format.

The registration fee for this exam is $90. It is available in various languages such as Chinese (both traditional and simplified), French, English, Portuguese, German and Japanese.

Preparation options

  1. Instructor-led training

This is one of the most effective exam preparation options. The candidates are trained by Microsoft certified trainers in a classroom setting. The course (70-483: programming in C#) takes 5 days to successfully cover all the topics that are tested in the exam. You will be able to interact with fellow students and the facilitator. This means that you can get clarifications from the instructor and receive an instant response. This course is recommended for anyone who wishes to pass exam 70-483 and become a sought-after professional.

  1. Exam prep video

This is a recorded training available online. It is recommended for those candidates who are not able to attend the instructor-led training. This video contains detailed explanations of various course concepts. The content is reliable because highly trained facilitators prepare this video.

  1. Self-paced training

This is a highly interactive training session conducted online. The candidates are able to pace themselves and study at their convenience. As a result, it takes about 3 months to complete the entire course. This training has lots of samples and demos to help the learner understand better.

  1. Practice tests

Practice questions come in handy when one is preparing for the exam. It enables you to assess your strengths and weaknesses. Practice tests are replicate exam questions that make you familiar with the main exam concepts. This can boost your confidence. Most of the practice tests are available online.

  1. Books

Books are important because they provide you with the important information that other practice methods may not offer. You can purchase the eBooks available online at an affordable price.

Tip to pass

  1. Have the right study materials

It will be of no advantage if you study the wrong material. The valid study materials such as online tutorials, eBooks and practice tests will help you gain the required skills for the exam and in real life. However, it should be from entrusted platforms such as Prep-Away, for example.

  1. Know the exam content

Before starting your exam, ensure that you have an idea of what the exam tests, the skills required and main concepts tested. This will help you cover those topics prior to the exam.

  1. Practice

Practicing what you have learned will enable you to remember crucial concepts during your exam. Coding requires practice for one to be able to apply it in real life. The C# concepts need to be done practically in order to get conversant with the crucial C# concepts.

  1. Revise actively

It is not always a guarantee that you will remember everything you have been taught. Revising is a good way to remind yourself what you have learned. A great tip is to revise while taking short notes as this will be easy to remember.

  1. Manage your time

The exam has a maximum time allocated and you are required to finish most of the questions within this time. Time management is the key to pass this test. Most candidates fail, not because they have not studied but because they ran out of time. During your exam, take as little time as possible when answering questions. Complete the questions that are easy for you, only then tackle difficult questions. That will save your time.

  1. Do not be afraid to fail!

Fear is the greatest enemy of students. Fear of failing makes you stressed and nervous. Your desire to pass the exam should be driven by passion rather than fear. During your exams, try to remain calm and give your best. In case you do not pass, take it as a challenge to make you work harder and train to be the best.


Microsoft exams are known to be quite challenging even for the finest students. It is a dream of every student to pass their exams without worries. Dreaming of the career of application developer, get MCSD 70-483 App Builder credential after getting MCSA Web Applications certification. However, without the dedication and hard work, you will need the luck to pass the reacquired exams: 70-480 or 70-483, 70-486 and finally 70-487. Prepare yourself adequately and success will be guaranteed.

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