Sunday, October 2, 2022

First Tooth Rich Source for Collecting Stem Cells

The umbilical cord blood is a good source of stem cells, but almost all researchers agree that dental stem cells are easier to grow.

Today, the first teeth are referred to as “biological insurance,” and they are somehow a gift from the child to the family. The umbilical cord blood can only be used in the first five minutes of birth, and if not used, the family will lose this opportunity forever.

This comes as there is a greater chance of growing dental stem cells. In addition, dental stem cells treat a wider range of diseases. The other advantage is that each child has 20 first teeth, and we can easily get stem cells from eight front teeth.

The primary importance of the dental stem cell bank is that it belongs to the family, and the first-degree relatives including parents, siblings and to a degree, grandparents, grandmothers, uncles, cousins, etc., can treat diseases using stem cells of the kid’s teeth.

The first-degree family members can benefit from the healing properties of these cells completely, but for the rest of the family, the best condition is to confirm the blood-compatibility through testing and then use the cells. If the tooth is suitable for stem cell cultivation, it should be pulled and placed inside a package and transferred to special centres equipped with stem cell storage equipment. A tooth can be kept up to five days to be transferred to the bank.

Dental stem cells can save the lives of patients. The therapeutic effect of dental stem cells is greater than that of umbilical stem cells. They help in the process of rebuilding the heart muscle as well as bone regeneration. They can also be effective in strengthening the liver, the skin and the cornea of the eye.

First Tooth Rich Source for Collecting Stem CellsThe important thing is that when the teeth are loose, you should not allow them to fall off by themselves and be extracted by a dentist. In the shortest possible time, the dentist sends it to the lab in a special package containing antibiotics. These teeth are very strong and are placed in an incubator so that their stem cells are multiplied for thousands of times.

Then the teeth are kept in liquid hydrogen and can be used until the age of 20. As you see, the first teeth of your children are very worthy and you must take care of them.

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