Friday, February 3, 2023

Fight against terror should be free of political considerations: Iranian security official

A senior Iranian official says terrorism poses a growing threat to international stability and security, calling for apolitical efforts to fight the ominous phenomenon.

“Any action in the fight against terrorism should be sincere, genuine, based on regional potential and cooperation, should not violate the sovereignty of nations and should be devoid of hegemonic political and security objectives,” Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani said in a meeting with Danish Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard in Tehran Monday.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has always been the standard-bearer of the fight against terrorism and is currently playing the most effective role in the fight against this ominous phenomenon by supporting the oppressed Iraqi people [against ISIL terrorists],” he added.

He emphasized that Iran feels religiously obligated to support the Palestinian resistance as well as the Syrian and Iraqi nations’ fight against terrorism.

The SNSC secretary stressed the importance of closer cooperation among Muslim countries to counter security challenges faced by the Muslim world.

The Danish foreign minister, for his part, said Iran has always played an important role in the regional fight against terrorism and called for regional and international cooperation to eradicate this phenomenon.

In addition to effective military measures, the world should do something to cut the access of terrorist groups to financial aid, equipment and human resources, Lidegaard added.

He warned that a lack of adequate attention to anti-terrorism efforts can result in unpredictable ramifications for international security and stability.



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