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Experts’ Global Online GMAT Preparation – Most Thorough and Complete in the World

Experts’ Global offers the world’s most complete GMAT online preparation program. The following is a detailed look at this great option for GMAT prep. With cutting edge technology and artificial intelligence solutions, Experts’ Global has truly redefined how GMAT prep is done!

A good GMAT score is quite important, if you wish to secure admission to the business school of your choice. As is the case with all competitive examinations, there are any numbers of programs that promise to help you improve your GMAT performance. As should be expected, some are more reliable than others. Considering the time and energy that will go into your GMAT preparation, it is important to take up a program that can deliver on its promise. One program that can, certainly, do just that is Experts’ Global Online GMAT Preparation program. Experts’ Global is an EdTech firm, founded by Mr. Mayank Srivastava. Since the firm’s founding, in 2008, its GMAT prep services have steadily built up a reputation for excellence.  Let us take a closer look at Experts’ Global online program for GMAT preparation:


Video Instruction

Experts’ Global makes extensive use of instructional videos. This program has 100 concept videos, very compact and detailed in nature, that together cover the entirety of the GMAT syllabus. Experts’ Global practice exercises and mock tests, both have detailed explanation videos for all of their questions. These explanations not only provide guidance for the students for the questions they cannot solve but also show them faster and more efficient methods of solving the questions they do get right.


GMAT Similarity

One of the most prominent features of Experts’ Global online GMAT preparation program is just how well it recreates the experience of giving GMAT. It has four-thousand practice questions, all of which are perfectly in sync with the real GMAT questions, in terms of their scope, complexity, difficulty etc. Experts’ Global scoring system is also remarkably in sync with the GMAT’s scoring algorithm. Hundreds of Experts’ Global students have noted that their scores on the Experts’ global mocks and the official mocks were nearly identical. Even the interface that all of Experts’ Global practice material is hosted on has been designed to mimic the GMAT interface.


Number and Quality of Mock Tests

Experts’ Global online GMAT training program has a GMAT mock test series. This series includes 15 full-length GMAT mock tests. Experts’ Global has included so many mocks in its test series because frequent mock taking is a crucial part of their GMAT prep approach. The firm advises its students to take frequent mock tests, to build up their endurance and develop exam taking strategies. These tests are very representative of the GMAT, in terms of concepts covered, complexity/difficulty of the questions, style of presentation etc. As mentioned above, these tests are also hosted on a very GMAT-like interface.  You can take a free GMAT practice test, from Experts’ Global, and judge the quality of these tests, yourself.


Performance Analysis and Weakness Diagnosis

Another excellent aspect of Experts’ Global practice material is its performance analysis system. This system analyzes your performance across the last few mock tests that you gave, to pinpoint your weak and strong areas. It also provides you with a breakdown of your performance on each individual mock, as well. This break down includes the areas you did the best and the worst on, how long you took on the average question, and a lot of other useful information. This automated analysis is not only more convenient than, but will also deliver a far more in-depth look at your performance than manual analysis.


Special Features

Experts’ Global Online GMAT Training Module also includes a number of modern, innovative features, to make GMAT prep more engaging. First of all, there is the “flag” button that will let you mark and save questions for future reference. You can use this to keep track of questions that you find particularly important. It will save you the trouble of searching for these questions, when you want to reference them. There is also a small feature that makes note-taking easier, the “stickies”. The “stickies” are small, colored pop-up screens that are used for taking notes and then stuck to your “wall”. These are not major features but they are worth mentioning, as they illustrate just how much effort Experts’ Global has put into making GMAT prep engaging.

The Experts’ Global GMAT Online Training program is a very well-constructed resource. Its preparation is steady, rigorous, and well-paced. The instructional material is excellent, with hours of high-quality educational content. This is the most complete GMAT preparation resource around.

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