Wednesday, September 28, 2022

‘Europe Surprised by Export of Iran-made Laboratory Equipment’

The Austrian journal EuroPages in a report has expressed wonder that Iranian scientists have been able to make products that compete with those of large companies from Germany, South Korea, the United States and Britain and take their market share worldwide.

The Austrian journal has quoted Javan daily as saying that Iranian companies have exported 20 million Euros of laboratory equipment.

According to the report, a third of this amount is exported by knowledge-based companies, showing that the technical inventions in the production of such equipment have increased ten times more in comparison to three years ago.

In the last three years, at least 25 companies in the field of laboratory and medical engineering have been able to export their products to Greece, Croatia, China, South Korea, Portugal, Malaysia, Ukraine and West Asia.

Iran’s laboratory and medical engineering equipment is currently exported to more than one hundred countries and the Islamic Republic has unique standing in four major international exhibitions in Europe and East Asia.

“The field is so vast in Iran that there are about 2,000 domestic companies and 3,000 foreign ones are working in Iran.”

Iran’s $7 Billion Market
The growth of medical engineering and laboratory equipment patents in Iran is almost two times more than that of the world. The growth of technical inventions in medical device manufacturing has increased 10 times more in the past three years.

Currently, the market value of medical engineering equipment in the world is estimated at about $ 400 billion and in Iran it is $ 7 billion. Knowledge-based Iranian companies have grown dramatically in recent years, accounting for a large portion of the $ 7 billion market.

Iran’s € 20m export shows that in the last decade Iranian universities have invested heavily in the production of laboratory and medical equipment in collaboration with large financial companies.

EuroPages has also taken a look at the International Exhibition of Medical Equipment, Laboratories, Medicines, and Health Tourism, which is held annually in Iran, and said that the expansion of medical equipment exports is one of the goals of Iran Health Exhibition.

Iran Health Exhibition aims to showcase the latest capabilities of the Iranian medical engineering industry, unveiling technologies and advancements in academic knowledge, expanding the health tourism industry, unveiling academic products and services, top manufacturers and startups, liaising with medical centre managers, and medical education and export development. This exhibition is held each year in May in Tehran.

Excellent Position in Medical Engineering
Iran currently ranks 16th in the world in producing medical engineering articles, with approximately 40% of articles produced by the knowledge-based companies that are working under the supervision of Iranian universities.

Interestingly, the process of accepting papers in more than 90% of conferences held abroad is now easier than domestic conferences, indicating the high quality of conferences in the country.

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