Dentists Farmington Hills MI

Oral hygiene becomes a part of your life shortly after birth and continues for the rest of your life.

With proper dental and regular oral check-ups, you can maintain the health and prolong the life of your dental system for a very long time without relying on dentures or other artificial dental equipment.

Not to mention, it will bless you with a charming smile, fresh breath, and a pain-free mouth. Also, it is essential to note that oral diseases and infections can affect the other parts of your body as well and lead to several complications.

Even if you have ignored your oral health so far, it is not too late to consult a dental health professional for corrective actions. And now, with the advent of modern medicine and equipment, dental procedures have become virtually painless and simple.

We have composed a list of some of the best dentist Farmington Hills Mi, to aid you in making the right choice concerning your dental health expert.
David Clark, DDS
The office is run by Dr. David Clark, DDS, and Dr. Carolyn Romzick, DDS, both members of the American Dental Association. Apart from generic dental services, they provide expert care and meticulous procedures for aesthetic dentistry, preventative dentistry, dental implants as well as emergency dental care. One of the best in dental care services, they pride themselves on a high degree of patient satisfaction, high standard of care, and positive experience for their patients. They have proven expertise in restorative procedures, Invisalign, veneers, as well as sealants. The center also helps patients within the community and offers payment through CareCredit.
Pesis Family Dental
Pesis Family Dental is known for providing comprehensive dental care that is safe, effective, and affordable. Their equipment and tools are states of the art, and they emphasize on patient comfort during, and satisfaction after the treatment. All generic dental services including root canal, tooth extraction, tooth whitening, tooth cleaning, cosmetic dentistry, oral cancer screening, and pediatric dentistry are offered by highly experienced professionals in a compassionate and attentive environment. The practice has ties to several leading medical as well as dental insurers so you can choose from a variety of payment options. The practice is run by Dr. Solomon Pesis and Dr. Jacob Pesis, both highly recognized and experienced dental health care experts.
Dr. Gregory Elliott
Dr. Gregory Elliott has been providing outstanding dental care and services for nearly three decades at Farmington Hills. Renowned for personalized care and quality, the practice is known to deliver healthy smiles by making use of advanced dental equipment and technology such as Diagnodent Laser, as Cerec-3D, and intraoral cameras. The staff here prioritizes patient comfort and satisfaction while providing safe, painless, and highly effective procedures. The clinic provides inclusive dental care, including services like implants, cosmetic surgeries, restorative procedures, and composite fillings, amongst others. They stay away from drills, needles, and numbing in most cases. They also offer a range of payment preferences as well as have tie-ups with leading insurance providers.
Enamel Dental Studio
Lead by Dr. Mayce Kachi, Enamel Dental Studio provides services for a range of dental issues and problems. The studio provides diagnostic and preventative procedures, restorative procedures, esthetic dentistry, implants, and prosthodontic treatment. Patients feel calm and relaxed in a carefully created environment that combines the essence of modern technology and relaxing serenity. Exceptional patient support and a high standard of care are the hallmarks of Enamel Dental Studio, along with effective treatment options offered by highly trained practitioners.
Dr. Richard S. Bernstein
Dr. Richard S. Bernstein has been serving Farmington Hills patients for the last thirty years with his wide range of dental and oral health procedures that include smile makeovers, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, gum care, Invisalign, dentures, family dentistry, veneers, root canal, orthodontics, tooth color fittings, as well as sleep apnea. Dr. Bernstein is an expert at blending science with art to deliver the most amazing smile and truly robust teeth. The team here works with patients to develop procedure schedules that fit their requirements and budgets while never compromising on patient safety and quality of care. Customer-centeredness is their priority, and they offer a variety of payment options to choose from, including CareCredit.

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