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Delivery Terms:

  • Your message as well as your contact information will be shortly delivered to the source or the author your comment is addressed to. Although your contact details are visible to our admins, your personal information won’t be made public.
  • Your message won’t appear on our website. In case you are willing to have it posted on IFP website, you should make a comment below the text filed.
  • Only messages in English and Farsi are acknowledged. English messages are rendered into Farsi before being handed over to the source or the author for a reply.
  • Any message with offensive or racial content won’t be handed in for a reply.
  • In case of constant violation of the delivery terms, the user will be blocked without any warning in advance.
  • IFP is not obliged to reply to all submitted messages and leaves it to the discretion of the source or the author of the report to answer the comments.
  • Before submitting your full contact details, please make sure that they are correctly typed.