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Choosing the Perfect Saree for Your Body Type: Tips from the Pros

Saree is a vital Indian traditional wear, one that has found its way beyond the borders and now being used in almost all parts of the world.

It is the kind of attire with the unique charm to make every woman look elegant and beautiful at any time of the day. When chosen correctly and draped correctly, one can expect nothing but pure bliss in the experience of having on the sarees. But it is usually a problem that not every lady knows how to choose the right saree that will match their body types.

It is important that when you are buying a saree, you purchase one that will fit your body since this is the only way to guarantee that you will look great in them. To help you out, here is a brief guide you should consider when buying sarees so that you ensure that the saree you purchased will work well for your body type.

Sarees for short and slim women

Choosing the Perfect Saree for Your Body Type: Tips from the Pros

If you are short and slim, and you desire to have sarees that will make you look like a model or an actor, then you should never go for sarees with heavy borders and big prints. The right kind of saree for such ladies should be the ones with thin borders that will give the impression of them being tall. On the prints, you will never go wrong with small to medium-sized prints.

Sarees for tall and slim women

If you know you have the body of Priyanka Chopra or Anushka Sharma, then you should be very careful about the borders when choosing your sarees. Such tall women will look extremely gorgeous when they go for sarees with big and bold prints with a variety of bright colors. Such will always tend to divert attention from the height and is guaranteed to also give you very good looks on the side. You can check out big brand ecommerce stores such as Amazon, Myntra, Jabong, Flipkart, or simply visit Stylecaret – one of the fastest growing startups in the country for quality sarees for tall and slim women.

Ladies with slim figures

Choosing the Perfect Saree for Your Body Type: Tips from the Pros

If you have a slim figure, then you know that “getting lost” in a saree is very easy and this is why you must very careful when making your choice so that you don’t get the wrong attire. For slim ladies, the saree recommendation should be organza, cotton and silk sarees. Such are known to give the impression of fuller figures and will work very well with slim ladies. Additionally, such ladies should always opt for sarees with lighter colors as well as those with very heavy embroidery. Brocade or beadworks will also never disappoint in sarees for slim ladies. For more uniqueness and elegance, slim ladies may opt for halter necks, backless, sleeveless or tube blouses for their sarees.

 Sarees for ladies with voluptuous figures

Choosing the Perfect Saree for Your Body Type: Tips from the Pros

If you know you are voluptuous, then tight-fitting silk and cotton sarees should never be in your mind. The best recommendation for sarees for voluptuous women should be chiffon, net fabrics, and georgette. These fabrics will easily wrap around the body and highlight your curves in the best possible way. On colors, you should go for dark colors because such is always the recommendation for ladies with big bodies. You may choose to have beadwork or embroidery, but they must not be too stiff that they will hug tightly against your body. Additionally, the saree should have a very good fall to help create the impression of you being slimmer, though you are voluptuous.

 Sarees for overweight ladies

There is no shortage of fashion for overweight ladies and as far as sarees are concerned, there is a myriad of choices to consider. To begin with, you have to be careful about the choice of the saree fabric. The general rule is that for overweight ladies, cotton and other stiff fabrics should never be in the list of the sarees. This is because they will create the impression of you looking broader and bigger than you actually are. Silk and chiffon sarees are always recommended since they have a way of creating some kind of balance in the body and drawing away attention from some parts of the body you could be having problems with.

Handloom sarees have also been known to look very nice on overweight ladies, and it is another option you should consider having on the cards. Other than choosing the right fabric if you know you are overweight, you must also consider how you are going to drape the saree around your body since this is going to make a great deal of difference on your appearance. You can opt for long blouses with short sleeve since they will help to conceal some of the flaps. Just be sure to try out different types for various looks and go with the ones you feel great in.

Sarees for women with apple-shaped bodies

Choosing the Perfect Saree for Your Body Type: Tips from the Pros

Women have apple-shaped bodies if they are heavy around the stomach and the bust region. For such body types, sarees with beautiful embroidery will always do the trick and will bring out a unique charm of elegance. It is also recommended that you go for longer blouses to cover the waist and any other problem areas you may be having around the same body region. As an alternative, you can consider wrapping your saree a little higher to conceal the problems around the waist region. The fabric you should go for is silk and you must always avoid sarees in net. On the blouses, go for ones whose colors contract that of the saree so that you can create a nice dramatic effect.

Sarees for women with pear shapes

Choosing the Perfect Saree for Your Body Type: Tips from the Pros

Pear-shaped bodies are characterized by a lighter upper body relative to the heavier lower body. It means that they appear heavier at the bottom compared to the top. The recommended saree fabric for such should be georgette and chiffon since these would help to create a balance between the lower and upper bodies. Such a body type is never ideal for mermaid cuts since such would bring more attention to the lower body and this is never necessary. Bold and bright colors will work best, and you will also have a good result when you go for sarees with small prints or those with beautiful borders.


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