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Mohammad Javad Zarif Iran FM article

Iran is committed to a peaceful nuclear program

The nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 powers have reached a critical stage. I am reasonably confident that by next month’s deadline, we can reach a comprehensive agreement that will assure the world that Iran’s nuclear program will remain exclusively peaceful.
Big Brother not the only political canal in Persian Gulf

Big Brother not the only political canal in Persian Gulf

The Political adviser of the president’s office has said Kuwaiti emir’s visit to Tehran has proved the political issues in Persian Gulf have not gone only through Big Brother’s canal.
Mohammad Javad zarif

Zarif Appreciates Algeria’s Stance towards Iran’s Nuclear Program

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a meeting with Algerian Parliament Speaker Mohamed Al-Arabi Walad Khalifa thanked Algeria for its principled stances in support of Iran's inalienable nuclear rights.
Iran football team - 2014 worldcup

Photos: Iranian Football Team’s Training Session

Iran’s national football team on Saturday held a training session in Tehran as a part of a preparation process for the FIFA 2014 World Cup competitions in Brazil.
Mohammad Reza Bahrami

Islamabad-Riyadh Cooperation Will Not Damage Tehran

A speech made by Mohammad Reza Bahrami, Iran’s ambassador to Afghanistan, in the Iranian Diplomacy roundtable entitled “A Look at Pakistani-Saudi Political and Security Cooperation”
Mohammad Javad zarif

Iran is proponent of new world order: FM

Zarif said Iran is proponent of the new world order and reshaping the power structure of the international community in light of privileges in economy and technology of every member state.
President Hassan Rouhani and the author in Davos, Switzerland, January 2014. (Eric Piermont / Getty)

What Iran Really Wants

Iranian Foreign Policy in the Rouhani Era , What Iran Really Wants - By Mohammad Javad Zarif in the May/June 2014 issue of Foreign Affairs magazin
Ramezan Sharif

IRGC Official Calls Iron Dome “Serious Threat” to Israel

Speaking to FNA on Tuesday, General Sharif pointed to Israel's unsuccessful test as well as the yesterday malfunctioning of Iron Dome, and said, "This showed that Iron Dome is not only unable to provide security for the (Israeli) occupiers, but the system itself poses a serious threat to the Zionists."

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