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Resalat Daily

A simple game with complicated players: Editorial

An editorial by an Iranian daily says Iran-P5+1 nuclear talks are nothing complicated and to solve the dispute a simple method is needed.
Nuclear Talks

An extension of nuclear talks is not to the benefit of Iran: Principlist website

An extension of nuclear talks in Vienna would give the upper hand to the West, weakening Iran’s position in the talks, says a principlist website.

Influential daily warns nuclear negotiators to insist on removal of sanctions

Kayhan, a principlist daily, urges Iranian nuclear negotiators to stick to demands that any nuclear deal include the termination of all sanctions.
John Kerry in Vienna

Obstacles the US has thrown in the way of nuclear talks

A breakthrough in nuclear talks is said to be within reach with Iran pressing home the message that nothing short of a final deal would serve the interests of the entire region.
Nuclear Talks

In the absence of a deal by Nov. 24, atmosphere of Iran-US talks will...

Ali Khorram, a former Iranian diplomat, says failure to strike a comprehensive deal in Vienna would be the worst possible scenario for nuclear negotiations.
Nuclear Talks

Will it be a comprehensive deal or a step-by-step agreement?

With a deadline for an Iran-P5+1 nuclear deal approaching fast, a news agency puts the talks to strike a comprehensive deal in perspective.
Hossein kachooian

There is no win-win situation; only one winner emerges from the conflict between Islam...

Hossein Kachouyan, a participant at a “Red Line” conference, has rejected a win-win deal between Iran and P5+1, saying that only one winner emerges from the battle between Islam and atheism.

Iranian and Dutch businessmen meet to promote trade ties

Iranian and Dutch businessmen held talks at the Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion to bolster trade ties between the two nations.
Rouani and Zarif

The last moderate standing

President Rouhani might be the last moderate president who rides in the vehicle of words; a chance which shouldn’t be blown.
Mohammad Khatami

Imam Ali can serve as a model to unite Shias and Sunnis

Ali-style justice and governance along with his lifestyle can be used as a paradigm in the face of plots to stoke divisions in the world of Islam.

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