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Egypt Revolution

Radicalism won’t last in the world of Islam: Expert

When the shelf life of radicalism expires, it will lose steam, says Mohammad Bagher Khorramshad, a political science professor.
Sadegh Kharazi

Ahmadinejad threw nuclear dossier into disarray: Former diplomat

By way of ballyhoo, Ahmadinejad dealt a blow to Iran’s dignity on the international stage, said Sadegh Kharrazi.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Will Ahmadinejad stand trial?

Proponents and opponents of former President Ahmadinejad seem to see eye to eye on one matter: his trial in a court of law.
Henrry Kissinger

Mr. Kissinger! You are sowing the wind!

Sharq daily in an opinion piece censures destructive attempts by the US war hawks like Kissinger to torpedo nuclear talks with Iran.
Iran Talks

One table and seven Western miscalculations

In an opinion piece, Kayhan daily has brought under the microscope seven miscalculations of the West at the nuclear talks with Iran.

All the deadlocks of Obama

Khamenei.ir analyzes in an opinion piece a possible Iran-West nuclear deal and the fact that – unlike Iran – the US would benefit from even a bad deal.
Sorena Sattari

We are neither proud nor complacent; we seek to compensate backwardness

Sorena Sattari, the President of Iran’s National Elites Foundation, says that today’s technological achievements should be a model for our scientific activities tomorrow.
Mohammad Javad-Larijani

Supreme Leader’s message is catching on with the youth

The secretary of Iran’s Human Rights Council has said for the first time since the revolution that we use simple language to develop mutual understanding with the world.
Barack Obama in Congress

Who has the final say in the US?

The president of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) says that imposing sanctions on Iran used to be the safest political move, but today it means supporting war, which is likely to carry a tremendous political cost.

Zibakalam has sent a critical letter to Ayatollah Jannati

Zibakalam said the recent remarks by Ayatollah Jannati about the demise of King Abdullah are in contradiction with the principle of Shiite-Sunni unity.

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