Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Middle East

Iran condemns Saudi airstrikes on UN compound in Yemen

Under the international law, countries should facilitate the activities of relief and rescue organizations affiliated with the UN and their representatives, said Iran’s foreign ministry spokeswoman.

Shamkhani urges collective approach against ISIL

Shamkhani said the US and its allies should give up theatrical behavior toward ISIL, blaming their support for so-called moderate groups for the rise in violence and terrorism.

Speaker: Images of Sardasht chemical bombing won’t fade away

He said the savage bombing of civilians and destroying their homes was the most heinous crime of the kind which had many catastrophic consequences, with many bodies and souls still suffering.

Chemical weapons suppliers of Sardasht attack must be tried: Iran’s Zarif

Zarif called on the world to carry out its “legal and moral responsibility” toward the victims and their families and facilitate the punishment of the perpetrators of such inhumane acts.

To curb US-made terrorism requires int’l cooperation: MP

Boroujerdi condemned recent terrorist attacks in Kuwait, Tunisia and France and said such incidents show that terrorism poses a grave threat to global peace and security.

President Rouhani slams attack on Kuwaiti Shia mosque

Such actions in a place of worship during the holy month of Ramadan are designed to defame Islam and to create division among Muslims, President Rouhani noted.

Velayati: Stop supporting terrorist, Takfiri groups

A day will come when the terrorist and Takfiri groups turn against their own supporters, Velayati said.

Major change in regional relations is in the offing: Leader’s advisor

Head of the Strategic Research Center of the Expediency Council Ali Akbar Velayati said relations between Iran, Iraq and Syria, with a long history of civilization, are exemplary.

Ahrar al-Najran Movement calls for independence from Saudi Arabia

Aggression against Yemen and the massacre of defenseless people there by the Saudi regime are one of the reasons why Najran seeks independence.

The imperative of a comprehensive strategy to fight violent extremism

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif describes violent extremism as "probably the most critical challenge" menacing the Middle East and the entire world.

Iran will continue to support those who support Palestine the world over

The head of the Intifada and Holy Quds Central Office in Iran has said that Tehran will carry on supporting the oppressed and defying the oppressors and occupiers.

Iran condemns terrorist attacks in Yemeni capital

The foreign ministry spokeswoman has condemned recent bomb attacks in Sana’a, saying the oppressed people in Yemen are targeted by internal terrorism and a foreign military aggression.

Yemen factions agree on ceasefire during Ramadan: UN

The United Nations says Yemeni political factions have agreed to a humanitarian ceasefire during the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

Iran criticizes Bahraini opposition leader jail sentence

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has condemned a recent court ruling against Bahraini opposition leader, saying resorting to security approaches would never help settle the ongoing problems in the Persian Gulf country.

Iran’s Rouhani pledges continued support for Iraq in fighting terror

President Rouhani has said that the people and government of Iran have been and will continue to be beside the government and nation of Iraq, adding Iraq's security is intertwined with that of Iran.

West targeting Iraq unity: Leader

The Supreme Leader has said that Iran will continue to support the Iraqi government and people and back unity among Iraqi revolutionary groups and fighters.

Taliban warns ISIL against meddling in Afghanistan

A letter signed by the Taliban deputy leader warns Al-Baghdadi “against waging a parallel insurgency in Afghanistan".

US, Israel root causes of terrorism in region: Iran’s FM

Iran’s foreign minister has called for international and regional cooperation in an all-out fight against terrorism and extremism.

Will Yemen’s peace talks run into Saudi bottlenecks?

Observes say the UN-mediated peace talks for Yemen are likely to be held in the shadow of Saudi Arabia’s incessant aggression on the ground.

IS captures palace of Qatari emir’s mother in Syria (PHOTOS)

Images of a Qatari-owned grand palace in Palmyra, Syria IS militants have seized.

Iraqi Kurdistan calls on Iran to mediate between Baghdad and Erbil

The Iraqi Kurdistan regional administration official said that solving issues with Baghdad is a top priority of Erbil.

We need to form a strategic coalition with powerful Iran

Javier Solana has said that conclusion of a nuclear deal will bring about fundamental changes for Iran and the wider region.

Hezbollah takes on Takfiris in Syria to defend Lebanon’s freedom and sanctities

The leader of the Marada Movement has praised Hezbollah’s fight on the Takfiris in Syria, saying Hezbollah is supporting what remains of Christians in the Middle East.

A vote, shattered dreams and multiple benefits

An Iranian daily has reviewed the blow President Erdogan was delivered in the parliamentary vote and said that the Turkish people could properly practice democracy and contain the president's authoritarian ambitions.

Iran warns Saudi Arabia against targeting areas near Iranian embassy

In a letter to the UN Security Council, Iran’s UN ambassador said Saudi air raids can have serious consequences if repeated.

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