Iran Dismisses Claim Germany Holding Its Assets

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has rejected the baseless claim that Germany has blocked parts of the Islamic Republic’s financial assets.

‘Salaam Mumbai’ Sets New Box Office Record in Iran

The long-awaited joint production of Iran cinema and Bollywood was finally released in Iran on December 1 and so far has set new records at the box office.
Ayatollah Sistani

Top Iraqi Cleric Says He Prays for Elimination of Anti-Iran Sanctions Every Day

The prominent Shiite cleric Ayatollah Ali Sistani says every dawn, in the evening prayer, he prays for elimination of the cruel sanctions against Iran.

Persian Official Used to Work in Ancient Japan over 1,000 Years Ago

Ancient Japan may have been far more cosmopolitan than previously thought, archaeologists said Wednesday, pointing to fresh evidence of a Persian official working in the former capital of Nara more than 1,000 years ago.

A trip to Tehran

A DW reporter has spent a week in Iran and released a report on what he saw among people in the Iranian capital.

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