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Mowlavi Abdol Hamid

Enemy bent on shattering Muslim unity: Sunni scholar

Today, efforts to maintain unity are essential and we need to avoid things that might play into the hands of the enemy, said Mowlavi Nazir Ahmad Salami.

Fleeing persecution, boat people face the unknown at sea

A descriptive piece of writing by an Iranian author reflects what is in the hearts and minds of migrants in Southeast Asia when they set sail for an unknown, eventful destination.

Yemeni crisis: Arab media on the same wavelength

Alef, an Iranian website, has taken a critical look at the news coverage of the Yemeni crisis, saying that the Arab media are manipulating the facts in the Saudi favor.

Saudi airstrikes against Yemen strategic mistake: President Rouhani

All humans need to be treated as equals and that is the message of the Iranian Red Crescent to Yemen, Syria and people in distress in any other country, the president said.

Daesh will fade into history; Daeshism will live on (PART TWO)

Professor Abbas Vali, a Turkish theorist, has said that the threat of Daesh is likely to grow in the Sunni-majority Turkey.

Germany ships arms to Erbil without Baghdad’s knowledge

Kayhan daily has published a report on US violation of its promises that Washington will not support any ethnicity in Iraq.

Daesh will fade into history, Daeshism will live on

Professor Abbas Vali, a Turkish theorist, has said that one day Daesh will be part of history, but its legacy – Daeshism – will live on.
Mansour Haghighat Pour

Yemen will be Saudi Arabia’s quagmire: Iranian MP

Undoubtedly, the Saudis launched the attacks on Yemen in coordination with America, Haghighatpour said.
Iranian Assyrians

Iranian minority Assyrians call ISIL pet dragon of West

Iran’s minority Assyrians harshly condemn the West’s silence vis-à-vis the ISIL terrorist group’s atrocities against Christian Assyrians.
World Free of Violence poster exhibition 11

World Free of Violence poster exhibition opens in Tehran

The minister of culture and Islamic guidance and the president Rouhani’s chief of staff attended an opening ceremony of a poster exhibition dubbed “World Free of Violence”.