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Iran’s President Slams Brussels Attacks

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani condemned the terrorist attacks in Brussels that killed dozens of people and injured more than 200 others.

Daesh terrorists steal 99 rare archaeological pieces in Mosul

Kurdistan Democratic Party revealed on Saturday, that the so-called ISIS (Daesh) stole 99 rare archaeological pieces from the University of Mosul Museum.

Putin Says Syria Ceasefire Deal a ‘Real Chance’ to End Bloodshed

The agreements between Russia and the US on a ceasefire in Syria are a real step towards halting the bloodshed and can be an example of action against terrorism, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday.

Moscow Condemns Series of Terrorist Attacks in Syria

Moscow in the strongest terms condemns the recent terrorist attacks in Syria, which killed more than 130 people, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Monday.

Afraid of Russia’s Reaction, Saudis Won’t Attack Syria: Analyst

A prominent political analyst mocked Saudi Arabia’s rhetoric of deploying troops to Syria, saying Riyadh is well aware that Russian opposition does mean serious consequences.

Iran, Europe See Common Grounds for Cooperation on Migrant Crisis

Iran’s foreign minister and a ranking member of the European Parliament discussed ways for closer cooperation between Iran and Europe to deal with the migration crisis.
ISIS Daesh in Afghanistan

Daesh buys land in Afghanistan to set up camp

Head of Afghan Ghor Provincial Council says Daesh has purchased a plot of land in Tolack County, in this province near Herat to set up a camp.

Islamic Revolution’s Ideology Diametrically Opposed to Takfirism: Iran’s Shamkhani

Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani denounced Takfirism (extremism) as part of the West’s policy to spread Islamophobia and said the ideology of the Islamic Revolution is the opposite of Takfiri thoughts.

Saudi Arabia says US has welcomed troops offer for Syria

Saudi Arabia says the United States has welcomed Riyadh’s offer to contribute forces to a potential ground incursion by a US-led coalition in Syria.

Saudi Military Intervention in Syria Amounts to War, Russia Warns

A Russian deputy warned Saudi Arabia that any military ground operation in Syria without the Damascus government's consent amounts to a declaration of war.

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