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Majid Majidi

Islam religion of peace, friendship: Majidi

Iranian director Majid Majidi has said that Muhammad aims to correct misconceptions about Islam in the world.

A letter from Proximity of Schools of Thought to Al-Azhar

The head of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought has welcomed a proposal by the grand imam of Al-Azhar to form a joint Sunni-Shiite committee to address the threat of Takfiri terrorism.

Agreement among Qom, Najaf and Al-Azhar offsets prejudice and religious violence

The head of the Islamic Madhahib University has said that cooperation among Qom and Najaf seminaries with Al-Azhar will deliver a blow to religious prejudice and violence.

World Christian gathering in Chaldoran a sign of religious freedom in Iran

We should safeguard this invaluable treasure called Iran, because only a few kilometers away from the borders of this country, churches are being destroyed, Archbishop Sarkissian said.

Artists in Mashhad transcribe holy Koran in Ramadan

A group of Artists has transcribed part of the holy Koran and Islamic Hadiths in the fasting month of Ramadan.

FM Zarif asks people to pray for nuclear team

FM Zarif has said that it is still unclear what will come out of the talks, adding that some differences remain unsettled between the two sides.

The largest street Iftar in Tehran

Images of the largest street Iftar in the capital where Muslims gathered to end their fast in the holy month of Ramadan.
Mowlavi Abdol Hamid

Enemy bent on shattering Muslim unity: Sunni scholar

Today, efforts to maintain unity are essential and we need to avoid things that might play into the hands of the enemy, said Mowlavi Nazir Ahmad Salami.
Police Has No Plan to Quarantine Cities over Coronavirus: Iran

Thank you, General

An Iranian MP thanks police for their swift action against a few of their own for mistreating a Christian compatriot.

Iran, Russia should join hands to counter Wahhabism: Russian researcher

Russian Muslims have little knowledge of Shiite critiques about Wahhabism; Iranian religious figures who have refuted the ideology remain unknown in Russia, said Suleymanov.