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Iranian MP: Nuclear deal should clear parliament

An Iranian MP says that a parliamentary bill on safeguarding Iran’s nuclear achievements and rights can help the negotiating team and will not tie their hands.

Iran parliament approves general outlines of nuclear bill

Under a parliamentary motion on the nuclear case, the IAEA can only run conventional checks of [Iran’s] nuclear sites within the framework of the Safeguards Agreement.

FM Zarif makes powerful case in parliament for nuclear talks

The Iranian foreign minister makes a convincing case in parliament for nuclear talks and the questions surrounding them. Speaker Larijani praises the explanations as sufficient.

Controversy surrounding a bill that would call for a halt to nuclear talks

Some MPs have withdrawn their signatures from the bill citing the deceitful tactics of its sponsors.

Iran’s top MP opposes motion to halt nuclear talks

The speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly has warned fellow MPs against getting carried away by a politically charged atmosphere over the nuclear issue.

Has former IRIB chief set his sights on Speaker’s chair?

An Iranian daily has taken a look at the 2016 parliamentary vote, saying the former IRIB boss is likely to stand for parliament and even vie for the top MP’s chair.

MPs release statement detailing what negotiators should and should not do

MPs issue a statement that calls on Iranian negotiators to make sure the red lines of the establishment are not crossed in any final deal.
Book and Paper Conservation1

Book, Paper Conservation-Restoration Center at parliament’s library

A photo gallery that depicts efforts by Iranian experts to restore books and documents at the Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration Center of parliament’s library.

Principlist news website dissects parliamentary committee session attended by FM

A principlist website says there were three main problems associated with a parliamentary committee session attended by Foreign Minister Zarif and its coverage by IRIB.

New Year greetings on the floor (Photos)

Warm, friendly greetings open the first session of the Iranian parliament.