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News and views from the world of politics in Iran and the region, including government, Parliament, foreign affairs, defence and more. Also there is special coverage of developments related to the 2015 nuclear deal, or JCPOA.

President Rouhani

Why should government endure the cruel taunts of opponents?

President Rouhani has defended his government’s nuclear and economic policies, hitting out at those who treat Iran’s negotiators impolitely and indecently.
General Hossein Dehqan

Defense Minister: ISIL too weak to threaten Iranian border

Iran’s defense minister has said that ISIL lacks the capability and capacity to pose any threat to the Iranian borders, and we do not deem it a threat.
Iran's Intelligence Minister Seyyed Mahmoud Alavi

Intelligence ministry foils counterrevolutionary attacks across Iran

A bombing plot in Mashhad, a poisoning plot in Tehran and a bombing plot in Qom are some of the conspiracies foiled by the Intelligence Ministry.
Baidi Nejad

Good progress made over removal of anti-Iran sanctions in Iran N-talks: Iranian official

Hamid Baidinejad also said that the idea of foreign access to the country’s military sites has never been on the agenda of nuclear negotiations between Iran and P5+1.
Reza Najafi

Iran has cooperated with IAEA more than reflected in recent report: Official

From the 18 practical measures we agreed with the Agency, we concluded 16. Two remaining practical measures are under discussion,” Iran’s Ambassador to the IAEA Reza Najafi said.
Saudi shia mosque attakcked

Iran condemns terrorist attack on Saudi Shia worshippers

All measures should be taken to prevent such incidents and combat those who have targeted the security and stability of the region by provoking religious strife, FM spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said.
Ayatollah Kazzem Sediqi

Senior cleric stresses safeguarding nuclear achievements

Ayatollah Kazem Sediqi has said that inspection by foreigners of Iran's military centers is against the teachings of the holy Koran.

Iran FM warns against excessive demands in nuclear talks

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has warned the P5+1 group of countries against “making excessive demands” in the ongoing negotiations over Tehran’s nuclear program.
Zarif - kerry

Zarif, Kerry to meet in Geneva on May 30

The Iranian and US top diplomats are to meet in Geneva on May 30 to help narrow the differences between Tehran and P5+1 over writing the text of a final agreement.
Aliakbar Velayati

Iran determined to resist West’s excessive demands: Leader’s adviser

Ali Akbar Velayati has said that Iran is making efforts to resolve the nuclear issue through dialogue but it resists the excessive demands of certain Western countries.

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