Sunday, March 26, 2023


“Imposing pressure on negotiators unwise; people need peace of mind”

President Rouhani’s Chief of staff has said that the Iranian nation needs peace of mind and a thriving economy in which business will yield benefits.

Newspaper chief: Media feel no pressure from government

The head of the Ettela’at newspaper says that media enjoy freedom under the Rouhani administration, and can produce any material – for or against – on different questions.

We are open to reason; so we don’t need to be worried: Rafsanjani

The top councilor criticized those who view interaction with the rest of the world as humiliating, urging them to stop shouting slogans that interfere with the country's progress.

Iran needs to get ready for the post-sanctions era

Iran’s standard chief says accreditation helps the country start doing business and rendering services on the same footing with its international counterparts.

The late Imam’s revolution was seeking a society free of violence

The chairman of Expediency Council has said that the late Imam did not approve of violence as a means to push the revolution’s agenda.

Iran mourns Imam Khomeini’s decease anniversary

Millions of people across Iran are marking the 26th anniversary of the decease of the late founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Seyyed Rouhollah Khomeini.

Bus crashes into ravine, leaving 23 dead (PHOTOS)

Images of rescue efforts following a deadly bus accident in northern Iran.

Iranians will smash sanctions, foil plots: President Rouhani

The Iranian nation is helping the people of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and other regional nations in their fight against terrorism, violence and extremism, the president said.

We will impeach the interior minister

Ali Motahari has condemned attempts by certain government officials to curtail freedom of speech, warning that he and his fellow MPs would impeach the interior minister if the current trend persisted.

Why should government endure the cruel taunts of opponents?

President Rouhani has defended his government’s nuclear and economic policies, hitting out at those who treat Iran’s negotiators impolitely and indecently.

Leader: Solving nuclear issue easy if all rely on domestic resources

The Supreme Leader stressed that his views regarding the nuclear issue are the same as the ones asserted before.

Rouhani says committed to liberating economy from foreign pressures

Government is committed to liberating the land of economy from the occupation of P5+1 and the UN Security Council through diplomacy, Rouhani noted.

President urges high respect for scholars, academics

President Rouhani stressed the need for efforts to deepen the national cultural identity and called for scientific independence and freedom for Iranian universities.

Why did an on-pitch bombshell spill off-pitch?

The match was supposed to be a life-and-death showdown in Iran’s Premier League, but did it have anything to do with a soon-to-happen presidential trip to the northwestern city?

US orchestrating terrorism: Leader

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the United States is masterminding terrorism.

Executive, legislative, judiciary chiefs discuss domestic, regional issues

The heads of three branches of the Iranian government have said the potential of regional countries should be tapped into to reduce tension and restore calm in the region.

Supreme Leader visits Tehran Book Fair (PHOTOS)

Snapshots of a visit by the Supreme Leader to the 28th Tehran International Book Fair.

Iranian official pay bedside visit to AEOI chief (PHOTOS)

A number of Iranian officials go and visit Ali Akbar Salehi at the hospital.

Where has THAT money come from?

Ali Akbar Torkan has said the law should make it hard for people, office holders in particular, to use dirty money and get involved in illicit businesses.

What happened in Mahabad was a personal issue: Interior minister

Opportunist media tried to turn a personal issue into a political question by resorting to fabrications, said Rahmani Fazli.

Alignment, not crackdown, can help better direct public opinion

The Iranian culture minister has said that information cannot be limited, adding that alignment should be the government’s weapon of choice if it seeks to handle public opinion properly.

Academics appeal to officials to launch anti-extremism campaign

Universities need to enjoy independence, security and opportunities to play an effective role in cementing the scientific foundation of the country.

Is a shakeup in the cards?

Although President Rouhani has a granted half-hearted green-light to a Cabinet shakeup, official news about change has yet to be made public.

Ahmadinejad shouldn’t have remained president even for a single day: MP

Presence of injustice will deny society mental equilibrium, giving rise to emergence of the disadvantaged and over-demanding rent-seekers, said Motahari.

What really happened in Mahabad?

Police say they have arrested a suspect in the death of a young girl who threw herself out of a hotel window in Mahabad a few days ago [presumably escaping sexual assault].

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