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Tehran underlines the security of Saudi diplomatic missions in Iran

Tehran police have made a few arrests outside the Saudi embassy in the capital, urging people to pursue their protest at the execution of Sheikh Nimr through legal channels.
Jaber Ansari-6

FM spokesman: Iran will respond to US measures against its defense plans

The Foreign Ministry spokesman has said that Tehran has warned the US administration that Iran's missile program has nothing to do with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.
Jaber Ansari

Iran dismisses Arab League claims as biased, unconstructive

Despite the unfriendly stance of some countries, Iran will continue to play a constructive role in easing tensions and defusing crises, the Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

GRI’s 2015 Person of the Year in Political Risk

Global Risk Insights has laid out three reasons for naming FM Zarif as the Person of the Year in Political Risk.

Iran MP reacts to US travel restriction

An Iranian MP has said that the new US visa decision may not directly restrict Iran, but the problem it causes for citizens of other countries in visiting Iran add up to restriction for Iran
Zarif and Kerry

Zarif: Iran sees ‘mixed signals’ from US, proposed visa waiver changes ‘absurd’

In an interview with Al-Monitor, Zarif said the international community was becoming more “realistic” about trying to facilitate a dialogue among the Syrian government and opposition “without setting preconditions”.

Iran’s Javad Zarif on Syria, Russia, and Donald Trump

Foreign Minister Zarif urges the American candidates to wake up to the real world in an interview with the New Yorker.
Ali Akbar Salehi

Ali Akbar Salehi on Nature’s “Ten people who mattered this year” list

Salehi is described as fiercely loyal to his country, but also a voice of reason to whom negotiators could appeal in times of crisis.
Jaber Ansari

US Congress bill is in contradiction to nuclear deal: Spokesman

Iran says the US Congress bill on Iranian nationals entering the US is in contradiction to both international free trade and basic human rights principles.

What kind of advice President Erdogan’s aides offer?

Turkey has problems with Iraq, Syria and Russia and wants to add Iran to the list of countries with which it has problem. This is a blame game bound to add to the problems of the Turkish government, Nobakht said.