Heads of state arrive in Tehran for GECF summit (PHOTOS)

Presidents of Bolivia, Russia, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Venezuela, Iraq and Turkmenistan are among foreign dignitaries who have arrived in Tehran.
Mohammad Javad Zarif

‎‏Iran’s principles to solve the Syrian crisis

An immediate ceasefire to end bloodshed along with coordinated international efforts to take on terrorism and extremism is the first step in settling the crisis, wrote FM Zarif in an opinion piece.
Aliakbar Velayati

If it weren’t for Iran, IS would have captured Baghdad and Damascus

If it wasn’t for Iran’s stance against the disintegration of Iraq and Syria, Damascus and Baghdad would have fallen by now, Velayati said.

Iran’s FM on diplomacy, domestic politics and future (PART THREE)

Foreign Minister Zarif says he is not running for president in 2021.
Zarif-Iran FM

Iran’s FM on diplomacy, domestic politics and future (PART TWO)

If regional countries are in pursuit of peaceful relations and want to live in peace and avoid interfering in other countries’ affairs, Iran’s policy is completely in keeping with that goal, Zarif said.

Iran’s FM on diplomacy, domestic politics and future (PART ONE)

Those who were not part of the negotiations knew little about the atmosphere and details of the talks and were thus concerned about the outcome of the process, Zarif said.
Rahim pour

Deputy FM: Iran should not scare away its neighbors

An Iranian official has said that the foreign and interior ministries should work out a single formula to solve the pocketbook issues of the public.
1898686 (1)

Put an end to discussions over the Iran nuclear deal

Zarif has said that time has come for us to make maximal use of JCPOA, adding we should focus on the ways to seize the post-JCPOA opportunities to serve our national interests.

An envoy makes headlines in Malaysia even before arrival in KL

"Choosing Afkham as ambassador took a few minutes, but choosing her successor took four months," a daily quoted Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif as saying.

Iran-US ties will improve if America stops playing big bad wolf

The secretary of the Supreme National Security Council has said that Iranophobia and Shiite Crescent plots were engineered to overshadow Iran’s position as the anchor of stability in the region.

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