Iran Travel & Tourism News – Tourism is one of the fields that can help Iran get rid of an oil-dependent economy, and boost its non-oil revenues by encouraging foreign tourists to visit its diverse historical and natural attractions. The “Tourism” section in IFP News tries to offer a true image of the country’s beauties and tourism industry, and the opportunities for foreign investment in the field.

Larger increase in number of American tourists applying for visa to visit Iran

Interests Section of Iran in Washington DC.: No obstacle for issuing visa

A Different Place to Stay: Hotel Made of Garbage in Iranian Island

A travel group is trying to build an accommodation in the southern Iranian Island of Hormuz using the help of the islanders in collecting the garbage.

“I Love Isfahan” in Naghshe Jahan Sq.

A human chain forming the words "I Love Isfahan" was created in Naghshe Jahan Square in the historic city of Isfahan, to mark the...

International Tourism Exhibition Kicks Off in Tehran

The 9th International Tourism Festival has kicked off on Tuesday in Tehran, the opening ceremony has seen Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli and Masoud...

Iran offers visas to arriving tourists at its airports

Head of Iran's Organization of Cultural Heritage, handicrafts and Tourism said the country will issues 30-day visas for its visitors from 190 countries upon arrival at Iranian airports.

Gorgeous sunset on Kish Island(PHOTOS)

The coral-rimmed, oval-shaped Island of Kish off the southern coast of Iran shines a fiery orange in the sunset, creating a unique and fascinating...

Chitgar – The Largest Artificial Lake in Iran

The lake of Chitgar is one of the latest tourist attractions in Tehran, Iran. The lake is surrounded by an outdoor resort, one which...

Heavy snow covers Kandovan village

The inhabitants of troglodyte homes, excavated inside volcanic rocks and tuffs, in Kandovan village of East Azerbaijan province, spend winter days under heavy snow. The...

Wooden village in Northeastern city of Neyshabour (PHOTOS)

The wooden village is located 15 km off Mohammad Abad village in Neyshabour and is constructed by contemporary architect Hamid Mojtahedi. The structure makes an eye-catching view for visitors.

Serbian tourist in Shiraz (PHOTOS)

21-year-old Milana of Serbia began her journey around the world with only two euros, and with the message of friendship and kindness. Passing through...