Hour al-Azim

Hour al-Azim Lagoon (PHOTOS)

Snapshots of Hour al-Azim Lagoon which straddles the border between Iran and Iraq.
Tulip Festival1

Tulip Festival

A Tulip Festival is annually organized by an Iranian flower breeder in early May allowing people to feast their eyes on the beautiful flowers free of charge.

Daughter of Sun, a real gem and an ambassador of health

A floral necklace is an ambassador of health to help women who suffer from cancer to learn about ways to come to terms with their disease.

Iran, land of different climates

Iran is located in a place where the highly distinctive flora and fauna of different regions converge.

A fake Indian name for the Persian lion

An Iranian environmentalist says that renaming or naturalization of an animal which is native to other countries cannot change the history of the animal.

Caracals in Iran

Caracals are deemed as a symbol of beauty and magnificence in deserts across Iran.

Garmeh Village in central Iran

Among other tourist attractions, an ancient castle and a pond surrounded by palm trees have turned Garmeh Village in the central province of Isfahan to a touristy spot for nature lovers.
rocky coast12

Beautiful rocky coasts of Chabahar (PHOTOS)

Iran's most beautiful rocky coasts are in Sistan and Baluchestan Province. Whales can often be seen frolicking off these coasts.
See Iran from skies

A bird’s-eye view of Iran (Photos)

A series of photos featuring the vast Iranian territories from the sky.
Iran Nature

Persian fallow deer are successfully protected

An initiative intended to protect Persian fallow deer in a western Iranian province has seen the number of the deer rise to 44.

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