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A mountain that never stops burning (Photos)

Tashkooh, a burning mountain in southern Iran, absorbs a large number of tourists who rush to the area to see its permanent flames rage on and on and on.
Iran wildlife-Golden Eagles

Golden Eagles living in Alborz and Zagros mountains in Iran (Photos)

The Golden Eagle which lives in Iran’s mountainous areas does not like human disturbances; when disturbed it leaves the nest.
Iran-Bahram-e Gur Protected Area

Bahram-e Gur Protected Area is home to various species (Photos)

The Persian Zebra, which is indigenous to the deserts of Iran, is living together with other animals in this protected area.
New cave in Iran

New cave discovered in east of Iran

Members of rescue operation division of Iran’s Red Crescent Society in Khaf have discovered a new 80-meter long cave in Khorasan Razavi Province.
Iranian cheetah

Camera traps capture 4 new Asiatic cheetahs in Iran

Four new Asiatic cheetahs have been sighted in Iran, says the head of Touran Biosphere Reserve (TBR) in Semnan Province.
Iran-Hampoiel Cave

Hampoiel Cave in northwest Iran in photos

Hampoiel Cave in East Azarbaijan Province is a beautiful site to be toured by nature lovers.
Winter in Iran-Khalkhal-Asalem

Winter in Khalkhal-Asalem region in Iran in photos

Winter has created scenic views in Khalkhal-Asalem region, northern Iran.
Autumn in Iran's North Khorasan

Autumn in Iran’s North Khorasan Province in photos

Beautiful scenes of autumn in North Khorasan Province in northeastern Iran.
Iran-Wildlife North Khorasan

Wildlife in Iran’s North Khorasan Province

Different parts of Iran have been home to non-domesticated animal species. North Khorasan province in northeast of Iran is one of them.
Iran-Wildlife-Golestan National Park6

Wildlife of Golestan National Park in Photos

A look at beautiful animal species in a protected area in northern Iran.

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