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Salehieh Seminary School (PHOTOS)

Salehieh Seminary School was a major philosophy center for Shiite Muslims in the 19th century.
Kazemi Mansion0

Kazemi Mansion in Tehran (PHOTOS)

The mansion houses a number of models and dolls which represent the jobs and traditions of the people who lived in Tehran 150 years ago.
Furg Citadel000

Furg Citadel in eastern Iran (PHOTOS)

Furg Citadel has 18 round watchtowers which overlook all nearby villages and roads.
Hindu temple0000

Hindu temple in southern Iran (PHOTOS)

The temple was initially built as a place of worship for Hindu traders who were based in Bandar Abbas.
Markooh Castle00

Markooh Castle, a tourist attraction in northern Iran (PHOTOS)

Markooh Castle is visited by many tourists each year and is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of the Caspian province of Mazandaran.
Takht-e Soleyman0

Takht-e Soleyman, a mystery historical site in northwestern Iran (PHOTOS)

Since Takht-e Soleyman was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List, efforts have been made to unravel its mysteries.
Omar Khayyam22

Tomb of Omar Khayyam (PHOTOS)

Snapshots of the tomb of Omar Khayyam, a famous Persian poet who was born and laid to rest in Neishabour.
Radkan Tower11

Radkan Tower (PHOTOS)

Images of Radkan Tower in northeastern Iran which is almost 800 years old.
Einodolleh Mansion0000

Einodolleh Mansion in Tehran (PHOTOS)

The mansion dates back to the Qajar era and was registered as a national historical site in 1998.

Italy returns large haul of Iran’s stolen artifacts

A large haul of Iran’s stolen artifacts had been recovered by the Italian art police and was handed over to a representative from the Iranian Embassy in Italy.

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