Moshfegh Kashani

Contemporary poet Moshfegh Kashani passes away

Prominent Iranian figure of the post-Revolution poetry Moshfegh Kashani has died at the age of 89.
Shahram Nazeri-1

An interview with Shahram Nazeri about Mawlana and Iranian society

Artists should make the most of the trust that people have placed in them, said Shahram Nazeri.
Roshan Vaziri

Iranian translator Roshan Vaziri has died at 81

Roshan Vaziri, an Iranian translator of Polish literary works, has lost her battle against a brain tumor.
ketabkhaneh-Seyed Hassan Khomeini

To be good humans, we need to render grudges a thing of the past

Seyyed Hassan Khomeini says the first thing society can do to march toward goodness is to let go of grudges.
Zoya Pirzad

Zoya Pirzad receives France’s Chevalier of Legion of Honor

Zoya Pirzad has become the latest Iranian figure to receive France’s Chevalier of Legion of Honor award.

Jewish Iranian Solayman Haim remembered in Tehran

Respected literati and senior government officials have paid tribute to the Jewish Iranian lexicographer, Solayman Haim, in a gathering in Tehran.

On Mawlana Jalaleddin Rumi with Brad Gooch

In an interview Brad Gooch, an American biographer, weighs in on his latest project on Mawlana Jalaleddin Rumi.

Erzurum to host Persian language, literature workshop

The educational workshop will be held with the aim of introducing Persian poetry and Iranian literary scholars, the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization reported.

Pamuk’s first novel to be rendered into Persian

Alireza Seifuddini, an Iranian translator, is to render ‘Mr. Cevdet and His Sons’, a novel written by Turkish recipient of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Literature Orhan Pamuk.

Shakespeare my magic carpet to Iran

Professor Stephen Greenblatt, who was in Iran to attend the First Int’l Conference on Shakespeare Studies, has said, “I never thought that Shakespeare would become my magic carpet to the land of Persia, where I wished I could have seen someday”.