Iranian and Italian Cultural Officials Meet at Tehran Book Fair

Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) Director Seyyed Abbas Salehi met with the Italian Deputy Minister for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism Antimo Cesaro.

Tehran International Book Fair

IFP: The Tehran International Book Fair is well underway in its new home at Shahr-e Aftab (Sun City) south of the capital, Tehran. Visitors...

Rouhani Opens Tehran Int’l Book Fair

President Hassan Rouhani on opened the 29th Tehran International Book Fair, being held in Shahr-e Aftab (Sun City) Exhibition Complex in south of the capital.

Shiraz to Display Gunther Uecker’s Paintings Inspired by Hafez

A collection of paintings by German sculptor and op artist Gunther Uecker, all inspired by ghazals of Persian poet Hafez, will be displayed in an exhibition in Shiraz opening on May 1.

Shakespeare’s commemoration ceremony to be held in Shahr-e Ketab

Coinciding with World Book Day, the commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare will be held at Shahr-e Ketab (Book City) Cultural Institute in Tehran.

Attar’s Mausoleum in Nishapur

The well-known Persian poet and mystic, Farid Ud-din Attar Nishapuri, was born in c. 1145, and martyred in c. 1221. His mausoleum is located in Khorasan Razavi province, in the city of Nishapur.
Shahnameh Reflects Genealogical Unconscious of Iranians

Shahnameh Reflects Genealogical Iranian Unconscious

Mir Jalaleddin Kazzazi, a Persian literature professor and a Shahnameh expert, says Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh explains a type of unconscious which has its roots in the lineage of the Iranians.

In memory of the spokesman of Iranian people and history

An Iranian researcher has said that posterity will remember and focus on Hafez, who is the spokesman of the Iranian people.

Proposed Iran-Turkey joint project to make a movie on Rumi

The film is estimated to carry a cost of $5-6 million. Turkey says it can cover $3-4 million of the project and expects the Iranian side to pick up the rest of the tab.

Exclusion of love from teenage literary books is alarming

Iranian teenagers find foreign novels more appealing because in spite of all limitations, they still include a trace of close relationships and examples of characters who display love and affection.