Christie's 18th sale season

Iran artworks sold at Christie’s Dubai Auction (Photos)

Iranian artworks are sold 100 percent at the 2015 Christie’s Dubai Auction.
Otto Piene

Rainbow, a journey into light in Tehran

Rainbow is one out of 100 artworks by Germany’s Otto Piene which will be showcased in Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art for three weeks.
Yuri Honing

European concerns over Iran are groundless

What is presented in Europe about the Middle East, including Iran, is not based on reality, said the Dutch musician.
Reza Lavasani

Pieces of Life are there on the table at an art gallery

Visitors of Life see a table at an entire gallery space; this way everybody can have their own interpretation of life and its true meaning.
World Free of Violence poster exhibition 11

World Free of Violence poster exhibition opens in Tehran

The minister of culture and Islamic guidance and the president Rouhani’s chief of staff attended an opening ceremony of a poster exhibition dubbed “World Free of Violence”.

Kish Island to host 1st intl. sculpture symposium

The pleasant climate of Kish Island in winter, proper facilities, and the ease of transportation for foreign passengers without any visa requirement will boost the presence of international artists in the event.
Seyyed Hassan Khomeini

Art needs freedom and with courage comes freedom

Grandson of the late Imam, Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, has said that it takes courage to enjoy freedom which is itself a must for art.

Restored Sphere by Arnaldo Pomodoro is unveiled in a Tehran Museum

Organization of such a ceremony is a reflection of good relations between Iranian and Italian artists, said the director of Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.
Niyusha Tavakoli

Whenever I reach the end, I start from scratch

Newsha Tavakolian, a self-taught photographer, says her success has no bearing on her gender.
Hassan Hazer Moshar

He did not lose his life, life lost him

Hassan Hazer Moshar, a self-taught artist who took up art at the age 70 after he came out of a coma, has passed away.

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