Latest Energy News in Iran – Iran’s economy, while diversified, is still heavily influenced by the state of the oil and gas market. Read more about recent news and developments in the sector here.

Bijan Namdar Zangeneh

Iran to unveil new oil contracts in London

New contracts with foreign companies will be signed in the Integrated Petroleum Contract framework which will be more attractive, said Zanganeh.
Iran Oil

What will happen when Iran’s oil is back on the market?

Fararu, an Iranian news website, has predicted that Iran’s return to global oil markets will bring about a positive change for both producing and consumer nations.

Iran has no plan to offer discounts on gas exports to Turkey

The NIGC chief has said that the result of The Hague arbitration will be out later this year and Turkey’s gas complaint will not affect Iran’s natural gas exports to Turkey.
oil price

Is $50 per barrel oil in the offing?

An increase in OPEC output, a hike in the number of American oil rigs and Iran's likely production increase contribute to the decline in oil prices.
Iran - Pakistan- Pipe lie

Pakistan is counting the cost of its blind obedience to the US

The US has warned energy-poor Pakistan against implementing a gas pipeline project with Iran to counter the growing presence of China in the Muslim country.

Iran breaks US monopoly in production of industrial lubricant

Iran has broken the US monopoly in production of an industrial lubricant, which is a strategic oil product, says an oil expert.

Gas-sweetening solvents indigenized by Iranian researchers

Scientists at the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry in cooperation with the National Iranian Gas Company have indigenized solvents used in gas-sweetening units of refineries.
FPSO Vessel

Iran has signed a contract to buy FPSO vessel

Based on the contract signed of late, a floating vessel is to be used in the South Pars Gas field to exploit oil layers.
Pour Mohammadi

Enemy cannot prolong its pump war

Justice Minister Mostafa Pourmohammadi has said that Iran has managed to undo the destructive effects of the Western-imposed sanctions.
Saudi Oil

Sliding crude prices at the expense of alternative energies

Mohsen Renani, a university professor, says he does not buy arguments that Saudi Arabia has refused to reduce its output only to undermine Russia, Syria and Iran.