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Iran Signs Deal with Turkey to Smooth Financial Transactions

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Iyzico, an Istanbul-based payments startup, said the company has signed a deal with an Iranian firm, which would...

Road to Iran’s Market Full of Potholes for France’s Peugeot

The French auto manufacturing company PSA Peugeot Citroen started its negotiations with the Iranian side a few months before Iran and the Group 5+1...

Iran to resume export of hand-woven carpets to US

Head of Iran National Carpet Center Hamid Karegar says the Islamic Republic will resume export of its hand-woven carpets to US in near future.

Iran, Japan sign investment agreement to up economic ties

Iran and Japan have signed an investment agreement in a bid to boost economic cooperation after the lifting of nuclear-related sanctions against Tehran.

Germany, Japan Propose Investment in Iranian Petrochemical Projects

Germany's Linde Group and Japan's Mitsui have said that they are planning to jointly invest $4bn in a number of petrochemical projects in Iran, an official said.

Banking relations between Iran and Turkey go back to normal

Iran's Ambassadorto Turkey Ali-Reza Bigdeli announced banking relations between the two countries go back to normal and Bank Mellat will resume its operations in...

What CEOs of Total, Airbus, Renault and Peugeot told Rouhani?

Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, met with CEOs of major French companies as he arrived in Paris on Wednesday afternoon. Welcoming Rouhani’s visit to Paris, Foreign...

Iran exports saffron to U.S for the first time in 15 years

Following the implementation of nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, first shipment of Iranian saffron to U.S. will be send in the coming...

Turks invade Iran with their garments

Iranian market with population of 80 millions is a golden opportunity for European and Asian countries to make investment and Iranian neighboring countries are trying to make utmost benefit from reentry of Iran into world economy.

S. Korea opens center to support exports to Iran

South Korea launched a business center to support local firms exporting to Iran as the East Asian country seeks to broaden its presence in...