Post-JCPOA Iran on course to winning WTO membership

A TPO official has said that Iran is moving toward becoming a member of the WTO, adding that the country has to pay a dear price for not being a WTO member.
Federal_Reserve_Board_Building (1)

How will the Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates affect Iran’s economy?

The first likely impact of the decision by the Federal Reserve will be a rise in the value of the greenback.

US Visa Waiver Program will push foreign investment in Iran down to zero

An Iranian economist has said that a monkey wrench has been thrown into the works of Iran’s economy in the form of a US congressional bill, adding that Iranian officials should oppose the bill which violates JCPOA.

Presence of foreign banks spurs competitiveness: MP

An Iranian MP has said that foreign bank presence in Iran would infuse liquidity into the national economy which could help production flourish, if managed properly.
Mahmood Dodangeh

US automakers can invest in Iran: Deputy industry minister

The deputy trade minister has said that the US import ban only applies to consumer products and should not be generalized to other areas.
Riccardo Monti

Italy is a reliable partner for investment in and transfer of technology to Iran

Riccardo Monti said in recent months Iran has made it clear that it does not solely intend to purchase foreign products; rather it is trying to find reliable partners for joint investment as well as transfer of technology for domestic production.

Frankfurt hosts a conference on investment in Iran

A German foreign trade expert has said that his country is seeking to raise its exports to Iran to € 5b in the next two years.

Iran to invest in New Development Bank

A deputy economy minister has said that efforts to develop Iran-Brazil ties have gained momentum and that the two countries have inked deals on customs, double taxation and joint ventures.

Iran can use the knowledge of foreign managers to get into global markets

Industry Minister Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh has said that Iran has set a target of $190b in exports for 2025.

To secure inflow of capital, corruption and restrictive rules should be eliminated: Official

The head of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce has said that an inflated government can do little to pave the way for a resistance-based economy to grow.