217 Iranian Villages Generating Solar Energy

Over two hundred villages in are generating solar energy to meet their power needs and the number is expected to surpass 300 by the end of this year’s Iranian calendar year (mid-March 2018).

Archaeologists Find Traces of Neanderthals in Western Iran

Recent discoveries of ancient stoneware in western Iran reveal that Neanderthals had advanced into western Iran during Paleolithic era, says an Iranian archaeologist.
135-Million-Year-Old Cave

135-Million-Year-Old Cave; A Newly-Discovered Attraction in Iran

A cave belonging to 135 million years ago, which was discovered less than ten years ago in southwestern Iran, has turned into a popular tourist attraction.

Iran to Mark 75th Anniversary of Hosting Polish WWII Refugees

Iran is set to hold a number of events to mark the 75th anniversary of hosting the Polish who took refuge in the central Iranian city of Isfahan during the World War II.

“Iran’s Name Should Bring Nice Concepts to Mind”

An Iranian website has, in an opinion piece, stressed the necessity of drawing up plans to make the name “Iran” bring nice and positive concepts to mind. 
Wedding Ceremony of Iranian Acid Victim Goes Viral

Wedding Ceremony of Iranian Acid Victim Goes Viral

A young Iranian girl disfigured in an acid attack back in 2014 has gotten married, sparking widespread positive reactions in Iran’s social media.
Fatemeh Eftekhari

‘Queen of Iran’s Skies’ Tells Story of Her Paragliding Career

Fatemeh Eftekhari, who has become known as the “Queen of Iran’s Skies”, is the first Iranian female pilot taking part in international competitions. She has great stories to tell about her success.
Red Region Project: Carpets Show Chaos in Mideast2

Red Region Project: Carpets Show Chaos in Mideast

An Iranian photographer has launched a creative project named “The Red Region” by taking photos of Iranian carpets in the heart of Iran’s deserts and seas.
Old Bathhouse in Central Iran Turned into Anthropology Museum

Old Bathhouse in Central Iran Turned into Anthropology Museum

The cultural heritage organization of Isfahan province has turned an old bathhouse, dating back to the 16th century, into an anthropology museum.

More Western Tourists, Less Arab Ones Visiting Iran

Official statistics show that the number of tourists from Iraq and the Persian Gulf littoral states visiting Iran has decreased in 2016 and 2017, while that of European and American visitors to the country has witnessed a remarkable growth since August 2015.