Canadian Inspector Reveals Bolton’s Involvement in Money Laundering

A Canadian Police inspector has disclosed the results of investigation into a drug-trafficking case that provide clues about US National Security Advisor John Bolton’s involvement in money laundering and suspicious financial transactions.

Senior Canadian law enforcement agent from the Toronto Police Drug Squad, Donald Belanger, reported that Canada Border Services Agency has on July 20 seized a cargo of imported Pakistani clothes impregnated with a significant amount of opium, owned by Toronto-based company “Luna International”, owned by Ali Vakili, an Iranian residing in Concord, Ontario.

“Police investigations show Luna and its CEO are accused of laundering and transferring dirty money between Canada and some European countries, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United States,” Belanger has said in a thread on his Twitter account.

Vakili, Luna’s CEO, is “also associated with corrupt politicians and some criminal gangs,” the Canadian agent noted.

According to Belanger, there is also evidence that Ali Vakili has in 2016 transferred a sum of $350,000 to the account of Jennifer Sarah Bolton, John Bolton’s daughter, through Habib Bank of Zurich.

The police agent has even attached a copy of a SWIFT invoice that reveals Luna’s links with the Boltons.

“According to other documents we got our hands on, in recent months, large amounts of money whose origin is not known have been deposited into Ali Vakili’s account from outside Canada,” he added.

“Interestingly, over the last three months, he (Vakili) deposited $280,000 into the account of Rudy Giuliani, former New York Mayor and Trump’s current attorney,” Belanger reveals.

“Luna’s tax violations and money laundering for unspecified purposes have caused the company to temporarily suspend its business and report to authorities,” said Belanger, who also assured people that Toronto Police will act decisively in the fight against drug trafficking and money laundering.

Twitter later suspended the Belanger account, and Toronto Police Service spokesman Alex Li confirmed to The Daily Beast that it was “a fraudulent” persona.

The real police official the account had impersonated has never had a Twitter account and Toronto’s Police Service does not tweet out information naming witnesses, victims, and other sensitive information in the course of criminal investigations, Li said.

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